Sweet Nothings Snacks

Fit for life with no added sugars

Sweet Nothings Snacks

Fit for life with no added sugars

Our Story

Disappointed by the demise of a craft family bakery, there needed to be a silver lining, and it came in the form of Sweet Nothings, conceived in 2014. With an idea and an instinct, we toiled for almost 4 years – seeking snacking solutions for a growing brigade of those seeking healthier and active lifestyles.

And a far-off clamour from a free-from world to include “NO ADDED SUGARS” was indeed gathering pace – so critical to the cause of defeating diabetes. 

In the very beginning...

In 2014 – a chance conversation at The Connoisseur Cake Co (our old bakery)

“why can’t you bake me a cake without all that sugar?” Half baked hmm?

But an idea is born…..

the challenge become clear!

Low fat this, low fat that, all done ad nauseum in the supermarkets.

But baked snacks without (added) sugar – now that’s new, and a challenge! So we test market our “generation 1 products” at the BBC Good Food Show in 2014 and we find………..we’re too early! No-one cares about the added-sugars, and frankly our products need more work…..

2015 and back to the drawing board...

“Generation 2” products released regionally – now reduced-sugar only (we still can’t get rid of all those added-sugars), but we are at least gluten-free.

A little better – but still much to do and so the work goes on…

2016 - sugar hits the headlines!

TV, newspapers, medical journals, social media – “GET RID OF THOSE ADDED-SUGARS” (they’re really NOT good for you) and by the way have yourself a healthier lifestyle…….

And so to our “Generation 3” products….but still not quite right….

The messages from the market are now loud and clear, but the difficulties mount, (sugar is so key in confectionery and snacks – just ask Nestle or Kelloggs!).

For us – it feels like the end of the road. But…not quite. Somehow, we find a way to keep the faith and keep going!

2017.... fizz fizzz bang!


We find a secret to solve all the problems – and make our products all completely natural, with loads of other free-from credentials!

At last – the product is good, we win a national award, and yours truly takes a break and reflects on the journey.

Generation 4 is launched in July – and we’re off – on our mission!

Apple and Vine Fruit

Ginger and Lemon

Lime and Coconut

Fruit and Nut