Sweet Nothings Snacks

Fit for life with no added sugars

Sweet Nothings Snacks

Fit for life with no added sugars

Are we right for you?

If you’re healthy and active, and have an interest in what your bodies absorb – we’re absolutely right for you! Our nutritious, serious-sustenance snacks are perfect for lively kids and adults alike, whether at work or at play, or busy on a general doing-stuff day. Great for active diabetics too!

And if your nutritional needs are in a wholefood world, then we’re right for you too. Our tasty little treats are free from added-sugars, gluten-free, dairy-free, free-from preservatives – but packed with great nutrition and flavour! AND – at a reasonable price too!! See below for where to buy

The Science of Sweet Nothings

Added (or processed) sugars contain very few nutrients for our bodies to metabolise, so when high concentrations are consumed (often contained in fizzy drinks and snacks) our systems become flooded with sugars, and our bodies have to respond to the excess.

The normal reaction is to produce insulin, which acts as a vehicle to transport the sugars away before they get absorbed by the bloodstream. At this point, expulsion from the body is not possible, so it has is to convert them into a relatively safe format to be stored in a relatively safe place.

This effectively is a conversion of the sugar to fat cells, too many of which will lead onto obesity. Related to this problem is Type 2 diabetes, a consequence of the body being unable to produce enough insulin to remove the excess sugars – leading to blood-sugar poisoning and ill health. Both of these problems expose very good reasons to avoid added-sugars in snacks.

Natural sugars – contained within fruit and vegetables – are types of sugar which are bound up with fibre, other nutrients and minerals. The body necessarily takes time to separate these elements.

During this period of separation, the sugar gets released slowly, and can be converted into glucose which our bodies can then use for energy. This works particularly well if your lifestyle is active, as there is a steady demand on the body to produce a regular flow of energy to fuel the activities.

Apple and Vine Fruit

Ginger and Lemon

Lime and Coconut

Fruit and Nut